version 1.0

SecStrAPI is a service providing annotation of secondary structure elements in protein structures.

Annotation of Secondary Structure Elements /Annotation/<pdbId>
Returns a JSON response with the list of annotated secondary structure elements for the specified PDB entry.




pdbId PDB ID of the entry (e.g. 1tqn).

Output Details

The response format is explained here.


FileDescription This PyMOL plugin can be used to download annotations from this API and visualize them directly in PyMOL. Install via Plugin Manager or type run
Example of usage:
annotate_sec_str 1og5 and chain A
(Fetches the structure of 1og5 and annotates its chain A using annotation from SecStrAPI.)
annotate_sec_str 1og5 and chain A, my_annotations/1og5.sses.json
(Does the same, but uses annotation from the specified file instead of the one from SecStrAPI.)
annotate_sec_str 1og5A
(Fetches the structure of 1og5 and annotates domain 1og5A (~ chain A).) All available annotations

List of Available Annotations /List/Annotation
Returns a JSON response with PDB IDs for which a secondary structure annotation is available.



Output Details

Response is a JSON object in which the keys are PDB IDs and the values are lists of domains that are annotated for each PDB ID.
SecStrAPI is a part of services provided by ELIXIR – European research infrastructure for biological information. For other services provided by ELIXIR's Czech Republic Node visit
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