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ValidatorDB:Database organization

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==Database contents==In '''ValidatorDB''' contains precomputed validation , the results for ligands and residues in of the Protein Data Bank. The database is updated on a weekly basis. The validation is performed using MotiveValidatoranalyses are organized systematically, and the residue models ranging from wwPDB CCD are used as reference templates detailed reports for validation. All residues of significant size (single molecules, to a minimum of 6 heavy atoms) have been included in '''ValidatorDB'''PDB-wide general summary, with the exception of amino acids and nucleotidesfully customized reports. To facilitate interpretation, which are checked thoroughly upon submission access is provided in graphical and tabular form via different sections of the structure to the PDB, and thus do not require additional validationweb interface.
The validation results available in '''ValidatorDB''' inform whether each motif (occurrence, instance) of a ligand or residue in the PDB exhibits the appropriate topology and stereochemistry expected from its annotation (3-letter code), or how it differs from this annotation. Additionally, all issues related to incorrect or suspicious topology and stereochemistry are explicitly described in a comprehensive and intuitive manner (e.g., location of missing atoms or chirality inversions). '''ValidatorDB''' is organized on two main levels, namely PDB-wide results (synopsis page), and results restricted to specific residues molecules of interest ([[ValidatorDB:Specifics_page |specifics page]]). The two levels present the same type of validation results (as described below), although the available features differ to some extent. (e.g., the [[ValidatorDB:Specifics_page | Specifics page]] allows 3D visualization of motifs). We shall describe each level of the database in detail below.
===Synopsis page===

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