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ValidatorDB:Database organization

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Synopsis page
|<!--Col1--><center>[[File:VDB_intro.png| 650px]]
|<!--Col2--><center>[[File:VDB_samples.png| 500px]]
|<!--Col1-->The ''synopsis page'' consists of 6 tabs, two providing support, and four enabling access to the database itself. The support tab '''Quick Help''' helps you get started, with basic information about how to get oriented in the web page. Various interactive guides are accessible by a green button at the top right corner of some tabs. Tool tips are available for most of the graphical elements.
The '''ValidatorDB''' synopsis page further provides access to various data sets of PDB-wide validations via four different tabs, namely '''[[ValidatorDB:Database_organization#Overview| Overview]]''', '''[[ValidatorDB:Database_organization#Details_by_molecule | Details by Residuemolecule]]''', '''[[ValidatorDB:Database_organization#Details_by_PDB_entry | Details by PDB entry]]''' and '''[[ValidatorDB:Database_organization#Custom_search | Custom Searchsearch]]'''. A full description of each of these tab is given in their respective sections.
Additionally, the ''synopsis page'' allows to access the validation results for specific residues of interest via the '''Quick Lookup bar''' at the bottom of the page. Simply type a comma separated list of residue annotations (3-letter codes) into the '''Quick Lookup bar''', and you will be redirected to the [[ValidatorDB:Database_organization#Specifics_page | specifics page]] containing validation results for the molecules you requested. If you specify a list of PDB IDs (4-letter codes) instead, then the corresponding [[ValidatorDB:Database_organization#Specifics_page | specifics page]] will contain validation results for all relevant molecules in the PDB entries you specified.

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