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ValidatorDB:Database organization

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[[File:VDB_overview.png|thumb|right|500px|The ''synopsis page'Overview tab' consists of 6 tabs, two providing support, '' contains an overall validation report for all the ligands and four enabling access to non-standard residues in the database itselfProtein Data Bank. The support tabs '''Quick Help''' and '''Samples''' help you get started, with basic information and examples Each bar represents overall statistics for the [[ValidatorDB:Database_contents | results ]] of database snippets. Various interactive guides are accessible by a green button at the top right corner certain type of some tabs[[ValidatorDB:Principles | validation analysis ]].]]
The '''Overview ''' tab of the ''synopsis page '' provides a very general statistical evaluation of results across the entire PDB in graphical form. The elements of the graph represent percentages of the total number of motifs (over 200,000) of residues relevant for validationmolecules in the PDB that were analyzed. A graphic element will be  Elements are displayed in the '''Overview''' graph only if it represents at least 0.5% of the total number of motifs. Each element of the graph is described in a tool tip, but note that here the term residue actually refers to occurrence of residue (motif).
The elements of the graph can be assigned to roughly 6 categories, depending on which kind of information they contain (e.g., incomplete residue, chirality issues, warnings, etc). The categories are marked by different colors. All the graph elements are explained in the [[ValidatorDB:Analysis_of_Results| results section]].
Note that this table can be downloaded in a *.csv format after clicking 'CSV' in the bottom right corner of the infographics.
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