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ValidatorDB:Database organization

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[[File:VDB_overview.png|thumb|right|500px|The '''Overview tab''' contains an overall validation report for all the ligands and non-standard residues in the Protein Data Bank. Each bar represents overall statistics for the [[ValidatorDB:Database_contents | results ]] of a certain type of [[ValidatorDB:Principles #Validation_analyses | validation analysis ]]. ]]
The '''Overview''' tab of the ''synopsis page'' provides a very general statistical evaluation of results across the entire PDB in graphical form. The elements graph summarizes the results for each type of [[ValidatorDB:Principles#Validation_analyses | validation analysis ]], for all validated molecules, irrespective of annotation or PDB entry. Each colorful bar refers to the graph represent percentages number of molecules which exhibited issues (missing atoms, wrong chirality, etc.), or fared well (complete structure, correct chirality, etc.) during a given analysis. The length of the bar correlates with the percentage calculated from the total number of molecules analyzed. A bar appears in the PDB that were analyzed'''Overview''' graph only if it represents at least 0.5%.
Elements are displayed Results can be interpreted using the information in the '''Overview''' graph only if it represents at least 0[[ValidatorDB:Database_contents | Database contents]].5% Tool tips are available for each element of the total number of motifsgraph. Each element The results for different types of validation analyses are labeled using the graph is described in a tool tip, but note that here the term residue actually refers to occurrence of residue (motif)unified color scheme .......
The elements of the graph can be assigned to roughly 6 categories, depending on which kind of information they contain (e.g., incomplete residue, chirality issues, warnings, etc). The categories are marked by different colors. All the graph elements are explained in the [[ValidatorDB:Analysis_of_Results| results section]].
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