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Custom search
==Custom search==
[[File:VDB_Custom.PNG|thumb|right|500px650px|The ''synopsis page'Custom search tab' consists of 6 tabs, two providing support, and four enabling access to '' Search the database itself. The support tabs '''Quick Help''' for validation results corresponding to specific PDB entries and '''Samples''' help you get started, with basic information and examples of database snippets. Various interactive guides are accessible by a green button at the top right corner molecules of some tabsinterest.]]
The '''Custom Search''' tab allows you to create your own view of the ligands validation of the PDB database. Simply paste a list of your desired ligands (3-letter code) and/or PDB entries (4-letter code) in provided text boxes separated by commas or a newlines. This is particularly convenient in case you need to retrieve a validation report for a huge number of structures. Such as all the ''glycosyltransferases'' or ''nmr structures''. Note that you can retrieve such lists by using [ advanced search in PDB]. Also bear in mind that each of these custom searches will be assigned a unique permanent web address, so you can access these results later on. Also a list of your last custom searches is provided for your convenient.
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