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ValidatorDB:Database organization

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Custom search
[[File:VDB_Custom.PNG|thumb|right|650px|The '''Custom search tab''' Search the database for validation results corresponding to specific PDB entries and molecules of interest.]]
The '''Custom Search''' tab allows you to create your own view of the ligands validation of the PDB database. Simply paste  In addition to the predefined summaries and reports already described, '''ValidatorDB''' can generate custom validation reports. You may specify a list set of your desired ligands molecules using PDB IDs (34-letter codecodes) and/or PDB entries annotations (43-letter codecodes) in provided text boxes separated by commas or a newlines. This is particularly convenient in case you need to retrieve a The validation report results for a huge number of structures. Such as all the these molecules are then retrieved from ''glycosyltransferases'ValidatorDB' or ''nmr structures'', organized and made accessible in the same manner as the entire database (). Note The only difference is that you can retrieve such lists by using [ advanced search in the overall statistics will refer to the your selection, and not to the entire PDB]. Also bear in mind that each of these Such custom searches will be assigned a unique permanent web address, so reports allow you can access these results later to better focus onmolecules of interest (drug molecules, polycyclic molecules, etc. Also ), from relevant PDB entries (entries with a list of your last custom searches is provided for your convenientresolution higher than 2 Å, published after 2010, etc.).  
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