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ValidatorDB:Database organization

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You may specify a set of molecules using PDB IDs (4-letter codes) and annotations (3-letter codes). Alternatively, you may prefer to use the advanced search functions available on the Protein Data Bank web page, in order to generate a list of relevant annotations and PDB IDs. Instructions on how to achieve this are included in the web page as a tool tip.
The validation results for the molecules you specified are then retrieved from '''ValidatorDB''', organized and made accessible in the same manner as the above described tabs , namely '''[[ValidatorDB:Database_organization#Overview | Overview]]''', '''[[ValidatorDB:Database_organization#Details_by_molecule | Details by molecule]]''', and '''[[ValidatorDB:Database_organization#Details_by_PDB_entry | Details by PDB entry]]'''. The only difference is that the statistics will refer to your selection, and not to the entire PDB.

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