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ValidatorDB:Database organization

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Custom search
You may specify a set of molecules using PDB IDs (4-letter codes) and annotations (3-letter codes). Alternatively, you may prefer to use the advanced search functions available on the Protein Data Bank web page, in order to generate a list of relevant annotations and PDB IDs. Instructions on how to achieve this are included in the web page as a tool tip.
The validation results for the molecules you specified are then retrieved from '''ValidatorDB''', organized and made accessible in the same manner as the above described tabs, namely '''[[ValidatorDB:Database_organization#Overview | Overview]]''', '''[[ValidatorDB:Database_organization#Details_by_molecule | Details by molecule]]''', and '''[[ValidatorDB:Database_organization#Details_by_PDB_entry | Details by PDB entry]]'''. The only difference is that the statistics will refer to your selection, and not to the entire PDB. Moreover, this custom snippet of the database will be accessible at its own URL for some time, so that you can return to it later on. The last 10 searches you performed are listed for your convenience.

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