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ValidatorDB:Database organization

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Specifics page
The '''[[ValidatorDB]]''' ''specifics page'' provides detailed validation reports for various selections of the database. Such reports include a validation summary and detailed information in both tabular and graphical form, along with a 3D structure visualizer for closer inspection of the problematic structures.
The ''specifics page'' is accessible from the ''[[ValidatorDB:Database_organization#Synopsis_page | synopsis page]]'', either via the '''Quick Lookup''' bar, or via any single entry in the tables from the '''Details by molecule''' and '''Details by PDB entry'''. Depending on how it was accessed, the '''specifics page''' might retrieve validation results for one or more molecules, a fact mentioned at the very top of the page.
The validation results are accessible in tabular and graphical form via several tabs on the ''specifics page'', namely '''Overview''', '''Summary''', '''Details''' and '''Processing Warnings'''. These are described in detail in their respective sections below. It is important to note that the ''specifics page'' contains annotation-based validation reports. This means that if the molecules you selected share the same annotation (3-letter code), all results will be included in a single report. However, you may have retrieved validation results for molecules with different annotations, as is the case with PDB entries containing many different ligands for instance. In this case, the validation results will be organized according to annotation. Specifically, there will be as many reports as there are annotations. All tabs on the ''specifics page'' discuss one report at a time, and allow easy navigation between these reports. The only exception is the '''Overview''' tab, which presents the total statistics for all validated molecules, and not per annotation. You may use the JSON download button at the top right corner of the page in order to download the complete validation reports and perform any additional analyses on your own.

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