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ValidatorDB:Database organization

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Single molecule report
The '''single molecule report''' starts with two 3D visualizers, where you can manipulate with the 3D representations of the validated molecule, the input motif, the model, and superimpositions of these, in order to better assess the position and relevance of the structural issues found during validation (see the full list of terms [[ValidatorDB:Terminology | here]]). At the top of each visualizer there is a drop down menu where you may choose the structure of interest, along with a few visualization options (atom labels, bonds vs sticks, full screen view). The 2D representation of the model is also provided for clarity, and is especially helpful for larger molecules.
Beneath the visualizers, the '''single molecule report''' is organized into three columns, but you may have to scroll down to see all the information in each column. The left column contains the full identification of the molecule in its original PDB entry, the description of the model and full identification in the wwPDB CCD, and a list of [[ValidatorDB:Database_contents#Processing_warnings | processing warnings]], if any were encountered during validation. The middle column lists the results of the ''completeness'' and ''chirality'' analyses, and the right column those of the ''advanced'' analyses (see the full list of validation analyses [[ValidationDBValidatorDB:Principles#Validation_analyses | here]]). Each problematic atom is listed. The results are labeled using the unified color scheme: <span style="color:#006400">complete structure and correct chirality</span>, <span style="color:#FF0000">incomplete structure</span>, <span style="color:#DAA520">wrong chirality</span>, <span style="color:#607d8b">warning</span>.
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