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The term ''motif'' is used here as a fragment of a biomacromolecule, biomacromolecular complex or ligand, made up of
one or more residues or parts of residues. Specifically, the term ''input motif'' refers to the individual molecule being validated, together with its surroundings (i.e., atoms from neighboring residues, within two bonds of any atom of the validated molecule). Each ''input motif'' in '''ValidatorDB''' is assigned a unique motif identifier based on its PDB entry of origin. On the other hand, the term ''validated motif'' (or ''validated molecule'') refers strictly to the subset of atoms in the ''input motif'' which were successfully mapped to atoms in the ''model''.
'''Continue with reading about the [[ValidatorDB:Principles | principles]] used in ValidatorDB, or return to the [[ValidatorDB:UserManual | Table of contents]].'''

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